Stay On Target with Threaded or Unthreaded Muzzle Brakes

223 Muzzle brakes from here: are in place to re-direct propellant gases that originate from a fired round that moves out and up. This way reduces the natural upward movement from the muzzle during a full-automatic, rapid, or semi-automatic fire.

The shooter him or herself will find it easier to keep the muzzle down while ensuring at the same time the rounds stay on target.

Back in the day, it was used extensively on artillery pieces. Nowadays, it is scaled down to such an extent where the user can put the equipment to use on a range of firearms that are not limited to heavy artillery any longer.

Fortunately, Madhouse Design offers a large variety of recoil suppressors that can be customized to most if not all rifles that are equipped with a threaded or unthreaded muzzle. They guarantee their triple port range to be the best in its class. Furthermore, it is made with the highest precision to the benefit of all Americans.

The simple tech is particularly useful to control the muzzle of larger caliber guns such as the famous Smith & Wesson 460XVR. Those who gave it a go said that if it were not for its efficient muzzle compensator, shooting up the ammunition and reloading would have been a very unpleasant experience.

The thing is that the Smith & Wesson 460XVR brake is made to fit right inside the barrel of the revolver. What nice feature to have!

Maybe, your gun is devoid of this ability. Should you want to add something useful to help control your muzzle, you may want to speak to the guys at MadHouse Design as they will utilize a process they call the Electrical Discharge Machining to position the vent holes right inside the barrel without necessarily harming the metal parts. They specialize in pistols, rifles, and handguns too.

How Flash Hiders May Be of Benefit

How is a flash hider different to a brake? They help dissipate the flash that comes up on the gases are released so the shooter will not be blinded by the sharp light during total darkness. On the other hand, the person doing the shooting do not want to give their position or location away. However, one cannot hide away all the light that gets generated from discharging your firearm. Unless, of course, you make use of a suppressor.

Up until off late, it has been challenging to combine 308 muzzle brakes with flash hiders into one unit so it may function as a precision armament. Luckily, thanks to the invention of the EFAB Hybrid Flash Hider/noise suppressor this idea came to fruition while a couple of other brands are following closely. As technology is continually evolving, there is always someone out there busy inventing a better mousetrap.

The same goes for the flash hiders that is forever being improved upon within the shooting world. This way it will do something better than it was initially designed to accomplish.

The modern day version is multifaceted and provides shooters with all kinds of options that were not previously possible.

What we are talking about over here is modifications such as getting rid of the port you would find along the bottom of the equipment to help minimize the dust signature while finding yourself in a specific shooting position.

Another improvement was to add diamond shaped teeth on the front end so it can turn the weapon being used into a defensive object for less lethal muzzle strikes when opponents are engaged in hand to hand combat where they make use of their rifles.

Some of them would even be utilized as connection points as a quick disconnect toward the back part of the brake.

The guys at MadHouse Design knows that aesthetics play a huge role regarding the options made available to their clients. The shooter will settle for choices that match their criteria.

Following are some of the options made available by top armaments outlets:

  • Precision AR-15 Severe Duty Compensator Brake
  • Medieval compensators
  • Trifecta MBs by SilencerCo
  • Triple Port Muzzle Brake by MadHouse Design
  • VAIS AR-15s

Many manufacturers make use of standardized A2 birdcage style as its cheap and efficient. Whereas other shooters require their rifles to match other needs, so they want a simple OEM rifle. We hope the info provided over here positively fueled your decision.